ELE Consulting, LLC offers a wide range of services to help clients achieve their research and evaluation objectives.

Research and Evaluation

We conduct research studies designed to answer questions that develop and contribute to generalizable knowledge. We conduct program evaluations designed to assess program processes, implementation, and outcomes and to support ongoing program improvement. We draw from the many available designs and data collection methods as appropriate for a given study.

Training and Technical Assistance

We believe that evaluation is a fundamental activity that can enhance program development and implementation, in addition to determining how well a program was implemented and whether it had its desired outcomes. We provide training and technical assistance designed to build capacity to apply evaluative thinking to program development and implementation, and to help staff members conduct their own internal evaluations. We also provide training on use of R statistical analysis software. Our unique experience helps people gain and apply valuable knowledge.


We help others conduct high quality evaluations by providing coaching, review, and technical assistance regarding evaluation plans and products.

Program Design

We bring an evaluator‘s perspective to bear when designing programs, whether we are helping others or designing them ourselves.